Testimonial from Simon Buttler

Testimonial from Simon Buttler

My name is Simon and I am a 47 year old distance runner (ex Middleton Harriers).

Before I was treated by Mike in March this year, I had ten years of right hamstring problems which left me injured an unable to run frequently and for longer periods.

I had always rested and on occasion had private and NHS physio.

I was a competitive distance runner with my best 10k being 34 minutes and 3rd at Alice’s run in 2008.

Previous physio’s and treatment ‘never quite’ cured the problem and the same injury issues returned.

I had not been able to compete in a race since 2011 due to continued hamstring problems.

In March 1013, Mike treated my for the hamstring injury that had plagued me for years and ‘instantly’ he identified the focal point of injury and began treatment including rehabilitation in the gym which had never been suggested to me before.

Mike successfully removed the build-up of scar tissue and prepared me for rehab in the gym which has strengthened the surrounding muscle.

I had niggles which Mike reassured me numerous times was part and parcel of the treatment, but what impressed me was that no matter how many times I felt it was coming back, he would calmly and consistantly assure me that the treatment was working.

Mike was 100% correct in his expertise and after finishing the course of treatment with him, I was able to run again and on the 1st of September 2013, I ran a 10k which Alice’s run in Mytholmroyd.
Considering my treatment had ended on the 31st of July and I was not fully fit, I was able to run a respectable 44.56 minutes coming in at 23rd out of 208 runners.

My hamstring was fine and with his continued advice on stretching and weight exercises, my hamstring has remained intact.
I also no longer have problems with the hamstring on long journeys driving or sat in planes which is an added bonus.

I would therefore recommend Mike as a sports injury physio and will no doubt be in touch with him again should I encounter any other ‘sports injury’ related problems.

Simon Buttler

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