Testimonial from Eileen

Testimonial from Eileen

I went to see Mike in September 2013 having considerable pain in my hip. It had been diagnosed as sacroiliac pain.
A couple of months before I went to a chiropractor but I didn’t like it. I am 61 years of age and was in a lot of pain especially in the night and after sitting down

I found Mike at Todmorden Leisure Centre where I went swimming. He was welcoming and got to the root of my problem within the first half an hour. The good thing with Mike is that he explains about problems in terms that I understood and so that helped me to know what my body was doing.

At the end of the first session he gave me exercises and fully explained how to do them. The execises are realistic time wise and took about 10 minutes every morning and evening.

I had 5 appointments and I must say I noticed an improvement after 2 weeks and I could reduce the pain killers as I hate taking them anyway.

I have taken up swimming 3 times a week and Mike suggested exercises to do in the water. He said he would also come up to the gym to suggest exercises to do there which would benefit me specifically but I am sticking with

So since I saw Mike, I have carried taking more exercise and have reduced from 15st 6lbs to 13st 4lb and feel much better. I would recommend Mike as a very good practicioner with good communication skills to set you on the road to recovery.

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