Testimonial From Debbie

Testimonial From Debbie

My spine was injured through an accident, the pain and immobility I suffered had a major impact on my daily life, my work and my income.

The treatment I have received from Mike at times has been no less than amazing. He is a caring, talented, professional that I cannot recommend enough.

I have had regular sessions for the last 18 months, several to begin with and now monthly maintenance. Mike has combined hands on, mobilisation, ultrasound and acupuncture to treat my condition as well as an exercise programme tailored for me.

There have been times when I have felt things would never improve, Mike has remotivated, mobilised me and given me the tools to take control of my condition.

I have, at times, been delivered to his treatment room barely able to stand, and always leave much improved.

The customer service I have received has also been wonderful, over the phone advice when acute pain strikes and appointments when I need them, at a time convenient to me.

Other physio’s I saw just gave me a sheet of stretches or attached me to contraptions that inflict more pain or only help for a short time with each visit incurring expense and time out of work.

My pain is now managable and I am building confidence and strength as well as regaining my fitness levels.

I now know that regular gym sessions combined with the physio exercises and monthly visits to Mike will always be a part of my life, but the alternative doesn’t warrant contemplating.

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