Testimonial From Carol

Testimonial From Carol

I have seen quite a few different physiotherapists during my running career and I can honestly say that Michael is one of the best that I have been treated by.

After suffering from a left knee injury since 2012 which prevented me from running completely, it finally, with treatment,
improved. Unfortunately my other knee then began to show similar symptoms.

I went to see Michael in January and straight away he found the underlying problem, amazing. He told me from the start that it would take time to sort it but that he would get me back running again. Just what I needed to hear, as I was a bit fed up with it.

It actually was a problem in my calf that was causing the most concern, however ,after treating my calf, quite thoroughly, for some weeks with some very effective accapuncture as well, it improved immensely.
Michael carried out some great gym based rehab sessions as part of my treatment and gave me rehab exercises to continue with between sessions for my knee, I did these religiously and now I am happy to say that I’m back out running.

I only wish I had gone to see him sooner, the results have been fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is in need of a top class Physio.

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