Yoga Group Session TeaMM GROUP SESSIONS Our group sessions offer all ages, levels and abilities their pathway to optimal health via Pilates, Performance Reformer & Yoga Sessions. mm physiotherapy
mm physiotherapy


TeaMM’s future proof Yoga and Pilates combination class infusing yoga mindfulness and pilates core engagement. We believe that all movement should be mindful to our clients needs, just the right amount of each in fact.

Trigger Point Pilates

Trigger Point Pilates designed in combination of Pilates based exercises with Myofascia Release to enable reduction in tension of your everyday restrictions and tendancies. Our classes enable a dynamic way to strengthen your core and release muscular tightness to ensure functional well being and body symmetry.

Dynamic Mat Pilates

Grounded in technique, anatomy, and controlled movement sequences, our Mat Pilates classes incorporate low-impact exercises designed to improve your overall strength and stability, alignment and posture. With emphasis on the body’s core our Mat Pilates classes feature a variety of equipment such as hog with modifications and progressions to make each class engaging, challenging and tailored to our clients.

Palates Group Session
Performance Reformer Sessions

Reformer Performance

Our Reformer Performance class incorporates a high intensity, low impact, full body workout aimed to give you that extra challenge. Expect to work your muscles till they give you that shake! TeaMM coaches will work with you to increase your spring resistance and to prepare your body to achieve your sporting goal.

Reformer Flow

Our Reformer Flow classes are designed to reset your bodies tenancies to its optimal best. Flowing educational and feel good movement patterns that enable movement at the pace that suits you. Our carefully designed classes using a unique TeaMM sequencing process will ensure progressive heat throughout your body and then seamlessly flow through a series of gentle and deep muscular and neural stretches.

Reformer Sculpt

TeaMM’s unique Reformer Sculpt class provides a full body workout incorporating cardiovascular conditioning which tones, lengthens and strengthens muscles. This class is for clients that have experience with our reformer process, confident with spring adjustments and working at a pace to build conditioning, stability and mobility. Our Future Proof Process in a workout.





Out of hours service We know that our physical health can throw us unplanned acute injuries and pain which is why TeaMM can offer emergency out of hours appointments (subject to a availability). These appointments are available to book by contacting TeaMM. Out of hours services start from £180.00.