Yoga Group Session TeaMM GROUP SESSIONS Our group sessions offer all ages, levels and abilities their pathway to optimal health via Pilates, Performance Reformer & Yoga Sessions.


Our clinical Pilates sessions led by industry leading TeaMM members Ally and Emma provide your way to a stable future. Our Pilates sessions are led in small group settings with our TeaMM ensuring you achieve optimal stability and performance from your bodies ultimate potential.

Palates Group Session
Performance Reformer Sessions

Performance Reformer

Our Performance Reformer sessions are unique physio expertise led sessions that work on efficiency of optimal movement patterns. Symmetry and balance of soft tissue length, mobility and stability is the ultimate driving force behind your bodies performance. Reform  your bodies performance with our TeaMM sessions.


Fundamentally our body is tuned from the mind in connection with our body. Our yoga sessions are designed to enable you to tune the connection of these very two things, in our own way. A way that makes sense and optimal in finding your best performance levels.

Yoga Group Sessions


Out of hours service We know that our physical health can throw us unplanned acute injuries and pain which is why TeaMM can offer emergency out of hours appointments (subject to a availability). These appointments are available to book by contacting TeaMM. Out of hours services start from £180.00.