TeaMM SERVICES We provide hands-on physiotherapy treatment and corrective exercise. Our approach is backed by science and experience to reduce pain, improve the way you move, and prevent future injuries. mm physiotherapy
mm physiotherapy

Your session with TeaMM Physiotherapy

Full body assessment

We know that everyone is different in terms of biomechanics, posture, work load & medical history. The root cause of your problem will be identified from the TeaMM screening process.


Understanding the reasons of how, what and why you have been struggling with the symptoms that made you join the TeaMM process empowers you to know what’s needed to make the steps to a pain free future proofed horizon.

MM Physio Services
MM Physio - Hands On Manual Therapy

Hands on manual therapy approach

True Physiotherapy involves hands on manual therapy, you may have heard differently in the evolving world and other services around us. TeaMM utilises manual therapy to restore joint mobility & reduce muscular restriction to enable the freedom of movement that you and your life needs.

Corrective therapy

Once your pain is reduced and movement goals are being achieved, we exercise you following the TeaMM movement pattern process. We work with you to ensure you find the most optimal, personalised and suitable way forward for your body future proofing.

mm physiotherapy
mm physiotherapy

TeaMM therapy process

A science based treatment and corrective therapy approach

Using over a decade of clinical experience our TeaMM approach of manual therapy and corrective exercise programming will reduce pain, improve your movement patterns and reduce risk of future injuries.

Body reset sessions

Your body needs maintenance and routine checks to ensure you remain in the correct path to an active, pain free life. Day to day wear and tear can result in potential injury risk. Routine follow ups that are tailored to you and your bodies needs, ensuring no risk of future relapse.

Why are we different?

Simplicity and understanding the TeaMM process is key. Following decades of clinical experience working in health, fitness and professional sport has allowed us to extract the best of all sectors and apply our process to a full body approach, the way Physiotherapy should be.

MM Physio - Body Reset Sessions
mm physiotherapy
mm physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my session last?

When you’re with TeaMM all sessions last for 45 minutes. We don’t rush the process, your problem is our problem and we work with you to ensure we progress quickly.

Does my first session involve treatment?

Always! Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and exercise prescription is stage one of your bodies movement process to optimising it’s potential.

What shall I bring to my first session?

Wear comfortable clothing and also if possible bring shorts.

Can you/do you fix...?

TeaMM has expertise in delivering and successfully helping thousands of patients to an active, pain free life. Many of our patients have experienced disheartening news from GP’s and other medical professionals that there is no hope for there problem, until they joined TeaMM and started their process.

What treatment techniques do you use?

We apply all our expertise that involves a wide variety of tools in our toolbox. Manual therapy, soft tissue massage, manipulation, acupuncture, dry needling, exercise rehabilitation & corrective exercise therapy are just a short list of how our TeaMM enable you to optimise your life and movement.

Are your team all health care professionals?

Unlike other disciplines that may be seen as similar to Physiotherapy, we are the only profession governed by the health care professions council. Physiotherapy following our TeaMM approach is what works!! Being offered a ‘quick fix’ or a long term ‘package’ of an obscene number of treatments simply doesn’t work, nor would be advised by a health care professional.

Can I be referred to you via my private health cate insurance?

Yes! We are registered with all major health care insurers. Just provide our clinic details to your provider and ask them to refer you to us, don’t accept any alternatives. Be part of your TeaMM process.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

No problem we understand life throws hurdles at us that may cause you to need to rebook or cancel. We will happily rebook it cancel any appointment given enough notice which is set at 24 hours. Any less time that this period we believe has taken an opportunity from someone to gain the help they need. Extraordinary circumstances will be taken into consideration, fairness, understanding and courtesy is requested at all times. We’re on your TeaMM.


Out of hours service We know that our physical health can throw us unplanned acute injuries and pain which is why TeaMM can offer emergency out of hours appointments (subject to a availability). These appointments are available to book by contacting TeaMM. Out of hours services start from £180.00.